A place to fall in love with

Hennickehammar’s beautiful herrgård (manor house) with its yellow wooden facade nestles in the forest, right next to the lake. Here you will enjoy magical views in an idyllic manor house setting. Treat yourself to relaxation and unique taste experiences for all everyday events and celebratory occasions.
Our goal for your visit is to contribute energy to body and soul and that your impression of Hennickehammars Herrgård will make you want to return



The restaurant consists of four rooms in a row. We can accommodate up to 100 guests at a time.


You have free access to wifi.


We have five conference rooms for a total of 260 people, and 7 group rooms. The largest room accommodates about 100 people in cinema seating.

Electric cars

We now have charging points for electric cars.

Our history

Between the forest lake Hemtjärn and Potten there is a roughly 20m drop, Hennickehammar. There was an ironworks here for several centuries. The site is located in an area surrounded by several iron mines.

The hammersmith Nils Eriksson was the first person to run an ironworks in Hennicke in the early 17th century, which came to be the most significant one in Värmland. And then the place got the name Hennickehammar. The ironworks carried on until the beginning of the 20th century.

Hennickehammars Herrgård was built in 1722. The ironworks owner Erik Johan “Hammern” Jansson bought the ironworks with the manor house in 1859. He was not a modern industrialist but still a front figure amongst the mining men in the Bergslagen region. He was always happy, pleasant and showed great hospitality. “Hammern” and his wife welcomed friends and strangers alike, and offered food and drink to all guests at the manor house. Since then, the doors of Hennickehammars Herrgård have always been open!

The manor house has come to be a much-appreciated place for weddings and weekend breaks in a particularly fabulous and scenic setting.